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It’s Friday.

It’s 7:30 in the evening. To the side of the pianist and television presenter, Jimmy Salcedo, is sitting a lord of more or less 60 years of age. Wears a black jacket, mustache, ashy and hair of the same color. Still the tv is black and white. (Or would it be in my house we were late?).

Well, no matter.
The matter is that, a few minutes later, the guest at “The show of Jimmy” starts to cause me to laugh. But not a laugh of mockery, but of amazement, simply because I had never seen someone calling onomatopoeia of drums; and the lord makes it so formidable that it makes me want to stand up to dance.

One of those onomatopoeia has to do with a certain song that I had spent years listening to on the radio cartageneras of the late 60’s. That song, whenever I hear it, it makes me remember the Santa Maria neighborhood, where I was born. And I don’t know exactly why it reminds me. The best someone sang or danced on the dirt floor of the house of my aunt Isabelita. Or maybe because it sounded in the picós or in the transistors mounted on the ledges of the rooms and kitchens.

“You forgot,” that I regret, that chandé, that trumpet was devastating, I continue bringing the images of the sun dying on the sides of Marbella, from Santa Maria was seen with all its magnificence for between the silhouettes of the coconut trees.

But let’s get back to the room of my house, in the neighborhood of the Relief.
The old man who is at the side of Jimmy Salcedo is called Antonio Maria Peñaloza Cervantes. Is a trumpet player and composer. The pianist presents it as if all the universe to know who they are. And maybe the universe knows except me, that as soon as I’m moving slowly in discussions of music.
But I come back and I wonder: does that old man is the author of the melody that I mourn?What sheath great!!! If you knew that your song me benching, because at these heights already died, the aunt Isabelita, sold their house, and the sunshine of Marbella are drowning after a jungle of buildings that build the maniacs money fast.

I give it back.

Jimmy pauses for a moment and appears a orchestra playing “I forgot”. Returns to converse with the old man. Another pause and the same orchestra appears by running the song “Half a cow”, but this time with the participation of the old man, who, dressed up with glasses, reads a decree implausible, which also produces laughter: “I Mátese average cow!”

Just the program.
It takes several years, but I do not forget the image of the old man. I come to Barranquilla at the beginning of the years 90 and wonder for him. I’m trying to be a journalist, and it occurs to me that maybe I could interview you don’t even know what for, nor what I will ask. Or yes I know: what I want is to tell me why your song is stubborn in me remember Holy Mary and the aunt Isabelita. I wish I could be.

I keep asking for him, and a veteran journalist tells me: –“oh, Shit! What will you do for what you want to talk with that old man?”.
Still I’m not sure, but I put a frame-up:

–Is that the teacher deeeeee… (what sheath will it be?)… Editorial we commissioned a report with theme free.
–And what semester are you?
–In the first
–Don’t fuck him, and already you’re seeing Writing?
–No, it is not Writing. It is… Introduction to the Media.
–Ah, well, that old man is pretty grumpy, is as bitter.
The veteran journalist was driving that ana tremendista, because a few years ago, interviewing Peñaloza, tried to controvertirlo and the old man loosed him an unexpected question:
–Are you a musician?
–Then, shut up and let me talk.
After he told me that a student of Penaloza, who was then professor of the School of Fine Arts, came out crying from the room where the famous musician was giving him instructions of singing.
–Stand in the middle of the school yard and yell at you 20 times the word “avocado” –she ordered to the girl–
–How is that for what?–she asked–
–Because the only thing that would voice his would be to sell avocados.
The journalist says goodbye promising that I will get the phone number of Peñaloza. And true to his promise. As far as I can, frame the number. A female voice informs me that it is not, call you in the afternoon. Spend two hours, after lunch, and I again dial the number. A voice fall, but valiant, picks up on the other side:
–Who can I taste?
–With Antonio.
–Eh… how are you, teacher?
–Well. Who speaks?
Nervously I stand and I mention what the school of Journalism.
–“Uh-huh, and what is it that you want?
–To give me an interview to do a task that I put on.
–But it will be tomorrow, because I already have the afternoon occupied.
–Lléguese to Calle Murillo with 44. Find us on the corner of the cinemas.
Are the 4 of the afternoon. I’m with a schoolfellow who aspires to become a photojournalist. I guess that this will be your first interview, because he just bought the camera at a pawn.

Suddenly, we see how in a house of the sidewalk in front opens a blue door. There comes an old man of short stature, but walking fast. Is the master Peñaloza, who immediately recognizes us. I guess that was for the camera newly purchased.

Invites us to a soda fountain to the side of the theaters, and it was thus that we learned that he was born in Aracataca (Magdalena) a bunch of years ago. I was 12 years old when he got to see the early dead of his life. Were the peasants who fell in the famous “Massacre of the banana”.
We said what we always had in all parts: that You “forgot” emerged from a poem that he wrote a Spanish-language narrator of horse riding in Bogotá, called Mariano San Ildefonso. Then, Peñaloza lived in that city, where he was contacted by Jose Maria “Curro” Fuentes, who had just opened a studio recording and they wanted to open the memorial by posting a Long Play of rhythms of the colombian Caribbean.

For that mission contacted Peñaloza, who would be in charge of choosing the repertoire and invite the musicians. Since the recording was concluding, when the virtuoso trumpeter was reminded of the poems of San Ildefonso.
That night they put to the review, and the only one that caught his attention was “You forgot”, he maimed a few things and it improved so many other up until it was as went out to the public.
But his recording was not so easy, starting because the Job Sources not liked. Felt that it was a song too long (“longer than the national anthem”) and that it was more likely he did not like anyone. But Penaloza insisted until the Curro Fuentes gave his approval, but much to her way: “Fuck! –he said– you are stubborn. Well, what the fuck, burn that shit”.

The musical framework of the song was executed by a joint panamanian who provided the drums and the piano, while Peñaloza did the same with his trumpet, to embellish the singing of the vallenatero Alberto Fernandez. The song was recorded, say in the pace of chandé, or in the pace of scribble. In fact, also known as “the dance of The garabato”. It is now considered the “national anthem of the carnival of Barranquilla”, and it boasts a series of versions which, to my way of listening, not to exceed the original performance.

To Peñaloza he was pleased to say that “that song liked it, like it and continue liking it, because it is the obverse and the reverse side of life”.

That afternoon, the trainee photojournalist made me realize that we needed a photo in which Peñaloza appeared holding an instrument, but the teacher suggested that we meet up the next day in the Fine Arts, where we could choose the engine that we would like.
That’s what we did. We arrived at 2 in the afternoon. Peñaloza was waiting for us in the internal square of the complex, where a young man practiced proudly with a trumpet.

The student, to see Peñaloza, greeted him with undisguisable outpouring:
–Master! What a pleasure to see you!
–What teacher or what the fuck!–rebuked Peñaloza–Do You think that if I were a teacher of yours, you were playing that trumpet as well as the tap?
We walk into a room where I waited about 20 kids armed with guitars, took and posed for us without serious artistic pretensions.
Before we left we asked if they had more record productions recorded, “because the only thing that we always hear is ‘I forgot’”.
–I have a lot of –answered– but if you want a country more uninformed Colombia, ave Maria.
We said our goodbyes. He moved into his seedbed of future instrumentalists and we went up and down streets still celebrating the episode of the young trumpeter on the square of Fine Arts.


Shalini, the ‘girl snake’ who dreams of having another skin – The Press of Honduras

Malaga, Spain

Shalini Yadav, a 16 year-old girl with skin of snake from India, has spent several days in Spain where he has been evaluated medically by a group of specialists with the aim of performing a treatment to help to improve your state of health.

This disease is characterized by large flakes of brown and black that appear on the skin of the patients, reported dr. Enrique Herrera, professor of dermatology, chief of service in the Hospital Clínico de Málaga and member of the International Medical Academy, an institution that is trying to the young.

The preliminary assessment of the child suggests that it is a picture skin of ichthyosis lamellar, known as the “appellate dramatic” of “children snake” for the type of skin you have, explained doctor Miguel Ángel Arráez, president of the International Medical Academy.

The situation in which it finds Shalini involves a series of boxes to type painful by the flaking of the skin -shedding every 45 days – and, from the psychological point of view, social rejection can be traumatic. Especially in the context in which lives the small: a village several hours from New Delhi. In a few days you will be introduced to the girl a few eyelids artificial so that you can sleep with the eyes closed.

Shalini, 1.40 metres in height, has been seen by specialists in endocrinology, internal medicine, rheumatology, ophthalmology, and psychiatry of the International Medical Academy and has already begun the treatment in the Clinical Hospital of Malaga, where dr. Herrera is the chief of dermatology services.

Some results will be reached by the genetic background that carries the disease, but the doctor Herrera has assured that the treatment provided to Shalini is for the whole life. The pathology that suffers Shalini has no cure, but the application of the right treatment could greatly improve your quality of life.

In Spain one out of every 200,000 children born with ichthyosis lamellar, autosomal recessive disease, which means that it acquires genetic form when, through the parents, two recessive genes together and the children have a 25 percent chance of being born healthy, a 25-born patients and a 50 being carriers.

The International Medical Academy in Marbella is an association founded the same year that brings together some of the most important doctors of the Costa del Sol in order to help in the research on prevention and treatment of diseases. Is a wealthy person who resides in Valencia that you are paying for the treatment to the young Shalini.

Photos and text: The World.is and The avant-Garde


El aumento de Depop – la tienda en línea donde usted puede comprar de celebridades … – Liverpool Echo

Todos hemos miraba ansiosamente en fotografías de celebridades y deseamos tenían sus armarios.

Así, incluso las celebs como un bien clara nuestra y otra vez, y muchos de ellos han empezado a vender sus cast offs en eBay-estilo de la tienda.

Minorista en línea Depop está aumentando en popularidad gracias al creciente número de celebridades de la firma para vender su ropa vieja.

A pesar de que originalmente el lanzamiento de nuevo en 2014, todavía se siente como un concepto relativamente nuevo, por lo que no se puede culpar por saber poco acerca de ella.

Pero, ahora que hemos traído a su atención, sin duda, nos sentimos como usted debe pagar el sitio web de una visita, ya que está lleno de cientos de celebridades diseñador de artículos – algunos de los cuales son vendidos para recaudar dinero para la caridad.

Para ayudar a aclarar cualquier confusión, hemos redondeado-todo lo que usted necesita saber sobre el extraño y maravilloso mundo de Depop.

¿Qué es Depop?

Piense en ello como un cruce entre eBay y Instagram.

Todo está muy mucho de la imagen led, con la mayoría de los vendedores de una cuidadosa selección de las imágenes que uso, que tienden a ser las imágenes de producto en lugar de ellos con los elementos.

Su popularidad ha crecido gracias a lo fácil el proceso de compra desde el sitio.

Algunos incluso lo describen como una comunidad en línea, como los usuarios pueden comentar y compartir cada uno de los otros puestos.

El año pasado la Isla del Amor concursante Katie Salmón también tiene un Depop cuenta

¿Cómo es diferente a la de eBay?

A diferencia de eBay, el precio de un artículo está en la lista por lo general, es lo que usted tendrá que pagar por ello – no es un sitio de subastas.

Puede haber ocasiones en que usted puede mensaje de un vendedor para preguntarles si les gustaría considerar la posibilidad de reducir el costo, pero estrictamente hablando, el precio original gradas.

Los cargos también son diferentes para el uso de cualquiera de los sitios como Depop, tienen el 10% de cada venta exitosa.

Sin embargo, ambos son similares en lo que respecta a los métodos de pago utilizados como PayPal parece ser la opción más popular.

El ex Girls Aloud miembro Sarah Harding tiene su propia Depop cuenta

El que las celebridades tienen cuentas?

De a-listers a las estrellas de la realidad, todo el mundo parece estar entrando en la Depop acción.

Modelo Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Moss’ hermana pequeña Lottie y Liverpool Danielle Lloyd son todos los usuarios regulares de Depop.

MENEA y Amas de casa Real de Cheshire estrellas también son vistos en la promoción de su Depop cuentas a través de Instagram.

Usted puede visitar Depop aquí , y empezar a vender, o de compras, el día de hoy.